7-Minute Body Plan

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publish Published: 2020
pages 224 pages

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    Find just 7 minutes a day over a week and follow one of Lucy Wyndham-Read's workouts daily to shape up and feel your best self. Try her supporting recipes for even greater impact. No equipment is needed, the exercises are easy and effective whatever your body shape and fitness level, and yes , you really do only need 7 minutes a day. Lucy wants us to all to love our bodies and feel our best quickly and easily. The 7 workouts - all exclusive to the book - speak to real women- Melt Off Belly Fat, Little Black Dress Workout, Love My Legs. The step-by-step illustrations feature women of all ages, shapes and sizes - no unattainable skinny models. Try one for a week and you will want to do more. Followers (Lucy has over 1 million across YouTube and Instagram) say of her routines, Actually, I can do these for the rest of my life . The quick, healthy recipes - which Lucy shares for the first time - are optional, but follow these too and your results will be even more impressive. Start now, believe in yourself, see the change, and love your body!