A Year of Good Things

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pages ISBN: 9781914317668
format HB
publish Published: 2022
pages 288 pages

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    Hands up who bought a gratitude journal the start of the year? Keep your hand up if you haven't yet cracked the book open, or if you only managed to fill it in for a month? Many of us start the year with best intentions but fail to keep up good habits, then enter a shame spiral when, in fact, the whole point is to feel better about things, not worse! Writer Jason Ward realises this, and to help anyone out who is struggling to fill in their gratitude journal, or is just having a bad day, has come up with 365 'micro-joys' to look out for. Science has proven that tuning in to those daily awesome moments can raise your anabolic energy which, in a nutshell, makes you happier. Jason's suggestions include, 'The warmth of a mug of tea as you hold it in your hands', 'Peeling an orange in one go', and 'An email from a friend'. A Year of Good Things is a feel-good collection of small, splendid things that can be dipped into for quick inspiration, and will allow anyone to hone their skills so that they notice the positive in life on a daily basis. Let your obsession with being happy begin today!