Adam Henein Abdulrahman Alsoli
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pages ISBN: 9788891832191
format HB
publish Published: 2021
pages 256 pages

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    This pioneering series of slipcases provides the first comprehensive panorama of Arab visual arts, with a special focus on the Saudi art scene. These elegantly slipcased volumes offer an informal and yet richly detailed introduction to the most prominent figures of Arab art; the collection is characterized by medium-size books, each one dedicated to a single artist, superbly illustrated and rigorously documented. The series consists of six slipcases with twelve volumes in total and provides a perspective on the trends that influenced modern and contemporary Arab art, from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to today. The publications henceforth will be launched seasonally, in spring and fall, in sophisticated slipcases each containing two volumes dedicated to a Saudi and a non-Saudi artist. Abdulrahman Alsoliman is a post-war contemporary Saudi Arabian painter, currently based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Alsoliman's work embodies subtle contrasts of color and shade and intricate ornamental work often influenced by local culture and literature. Adam Henein is an Egyptian artist, born into a family of metalworkers. Henein was a prominent figure in the country's Modernist movement, sculpting bronze, wood, clay, and granite into pure, twisted forms.